07 February 2010


It's getting interesting now! Wanna watch ep 6.

Nasujima, pedo of the year. And Simon, I think he looks sort of creepy in the animu. His face is too smooth ... (and them eyes, oh God his eyes!)

Quick sketches, coloured in SAI. I really like this program though the colours smear a bit too much at times (or I don't know how to paint properly yet).

Also, breakfast ._.


  1. Ohshi!! You're watching Durarara?! I've been dying to do some fanart of it, it's so exciting!

    I love your sketches, Celty looks sexy and LMAO at the SEKUHARA teacher 8D You should post some fanart on dA!

  2. @sinclaire:
    thaaanks! But I didn't draw any drrr!! fanart besides these sketches.

  3. dude you're amazing - i'm only starting to get the hang of drawing ppl

  4. Durara, interessant, interessant. *dl*