04 August 2010

China 2010

So, I'll be off to China for almost two months starting tomorrow. A friend and I decided to do this trip one year ago or so, I took a lousily paid part time job, couldn't save much (but mainly because of Barcelona and my inability to handle money, ugh) and now it's just one more day. I hope China didn't get too expensive with all the economic rise etc.

So this is the main route we're going, uh yeah, main route, what's that mean, actually it's the only. It's not like we're actually walking, just traveling from city to city by train. Starting point and the last stop is Beijing If we find some inexpensive boat-tour we will go by ship from Chongqing to Wuhan on the Yangtze, woohoo. If. The rest of the tour we will be sitting in trains crowded with Chinese families, tourist, grandmas and grandpas, at least I hope some nice people.
I will take my sweet little Taiwanese eeepc with me and keep updating about food, the places we visit, all the drama and such.

China will be cash, that I can already say.