16 February 2012

03 January 2012

off to a fresh start

Breaking Bad, best thing that ran on my computer e v e r.

New years's resolutions, of course. I'm eager to keep them! Normally I'm actually even able to but the power of conviction only lasts the first few months until I become my usual sloth self again. Ah, why am I even trying to deceive myself. Fuck this.
Happy new year everyone!

11 August 2011

first world problem bags

I'm particularly proud of these (though copied the phrase from reddit ...). Made them today at Green Vision ├ľkodruckerei, a printing office that has focused on printing green and ecologically, where I'm doing the required intership for my studies.

Also, I started uploading my webcomic Pollimerase, which formerly was on smackjeeves but due to my laziness never properly continued, on www.mangamagazine.net. You should check it out, it's an online webcomic platform that hosts comics that exclusively are made for mm.net.

01 May 2011

sketchbook dump 1

Don't you think everyone has the capability to draw?

Above is friend's version, below is mine. When does something become a "style"? Because he's clearly not good at drawing yet it looks like a pretty bad-ass style to me.