28 February 2010


His recorder.
I should be learning for a math test right now D:

24 February 2010

keep on procrastinatin'

I've started playing Gyakuten Kenji today. OH BOY the addiction. I'm supposed to really do REALLY important other stuff but here I am ... playing that game and drawing silly pictures.

Also, to make this a worthwile post, here are some works I did in school during the last semester.

21 February 2010

Summer Wars

Watched it at the Berlinale yesterday. The soundtrack is just AMAZING. Also, the CGs, the world of Oz reminded me very much of Hosoda's Super Flat Monogram.

When Natsuki's avatar challenges the Love Machine at this card game and this German dude is the first to appear to offer his account, the whole cinema clapped their hands, haha. Classic moments in cinema. :']

14 February 2010

comic pages starring Mono the Clod

Mock comic to train my manga drawing skills (plus, they're actually from 2007). More pages to follow some time.

09 February 2010

The Finches brothers

It's the Darwin's finches as men! I wanted to draw this when I looked at the graphic in school.

(Compare the numbers! Didn't draw every bird though)

07 February 2010


It's getting interesting now! Wanna watch ep 6.

Nasujima, pedo of the year. And Simon, I think he looks sort of creepy in the animu. His face is too smooth ... (and them eyes, oh God his eyes!)

Quick sketches, coloured in SAI. I really like this program though the colours smear a bit too much at times (or I don't know how to paint properly yet).

Also, breakfast ._.

06 February 2010

Today I went to see the Terracotta army...

in a Chinese restaurant :D

Since it's the day of the Kitchen God, my mom said we shouldn't eat at home because there was no God to watch over what was happening on the stove (he went to heaven to tell the other Gods how much we mess around with the food at our place.
I EXPECT GOD'S PUNISHMENT THE NEXT FEW DAYS). Uhm, yeah. I don't need special reasons to go eating at fancy restaurants.
So today's choice was the "Royal Garden", some kind of entertainment restaurant with reaaally fancy decoration of Xi'an terracotta soldiers, Kois swimming in the entrance way and a huge horse carriage in the middle of the restaurant.

formerly known as Edeka.

Fish never looked so out of place.

We went for the buffet and Mongolian grill, something I actually didn't want to do again after being disappointed a few times at some other restaurants. But I guess the atmosphere talked me into it. Couldn't take pictures of the prawns, they were so delicious, but made one of a meat plate with various animals that tasted all the same somehow ._.

Is it ostrich? Is it kangaroo? I can't tell! Darn you, taste buds.

(yummy fried pudding! But when I look at it now it looks sort of .... hmpf :I)

That's vanilla sauce.

Maan, I was so stuffed afterwards I could hardly get up from my seat.

I don't know how to finish this post properly so here you have a picture of their gorgeous toilet:

not me btw

We was with you at Rigoletto

I love "Some Like It Hot" so much.

Also, yesterday I read "Onani Master Kurosawa" (that title...oh, and you might not want to read it if you're easily disgusted by things such as...yeah, guys masturbating :I), and though I was a little bit ... aback by the first chapters (and actually every chapter except the very last ones) I enjoyed reading it. What a weird comic... Still, FANARRRT (Future Kurosawa and forgot-her-name)

04 February 2010

the clothes thief

Yahoo, my scanner works again!

old drawing

I always wanted to draw a story that is set in the 1920s, something about criminals and detectives and such.

random characters

characters I want to draw a comic with


the Anpanman theme song is now in your head