01 May 2011

sketchbook dump 1

Don't you think everyone has the capability to draw?

Above is friend's version, below is mine. When does something become a "style"? Because he's clearly not good at drawing yet it looks like a pretty bad-ass style to me.


  1. Haha, I totally sign the last one!! Thought this would be some new picasso drawing. He's got it! Maybe he's already making money through art? It's been already two years since you posted. And here I am, first time experiencing your art. Really hate to miss all the great guys of our time. I mean.. see, you won't be readin' this anytime soon, will you? I really hope for you that you didn't stop drawing. I'll be watchin...
    Oh well I guess this is the price you have to pay for ignoring deviant art 'n stuff.

    Welp, I've talked enough. Happy livinv and drawing, Mr Coolguy :D

  2. Oh, please excuse the offence, you might be a girl, so thanks again for creating great stuff, Coolguymaybegirl!